Monday, December 12, 2011

Daily Inspiration

As we get our 2012 seeds in, I get inspired (and impatient!). I love to collect seeds of flowers, veggies, and herbs that I haven't grown yet, or those that I haven't even seen before. 

Here is a pretty one I am going to try this year:
Hummingbird Salvia
'Coral Nymph'
We get this seed from Renee's Garden. The description says: This premium variety is more compact and earlier blooming than other salvias, with clouds of nectar-rich, orchid-like blossoms in an enchanting shade of salmon-coral with tiny white stamens. Hummingbirds seek out and flock to Coral Nymph plants literally from dawn to dusk, and sprays of these charming flowers are lovely in mixed bouquets. Coral Nymph grows readily in a wide range of conditions throughout summer. Ideal for big containers or as easy-care, free-flowering border plants. 

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