Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spring fever already! It's going to make for a long winter...

I have to admit that tonight, while sitting in my chair looking out the window at black nothingness, I am already starting to itch for spring... I know, it's just a bit early to be thinking that way (we aren't even done with Thanksgiving!), but I can't help it! Being busy outside in the dirt is just part of me! I already have plants in mind for specific areas in my garden, and plans cooking away for a new trellis system for roses to climb up and block out some ugly vinyl fencing (vinly fencing is a whole other soap box I will not make you suffer through...for now anyway :) Back to the garden....I finished up hauling out a huge pile of garden clippings out of the yard, filled the bird feeder, emptied some pots and threw away some of my fall decor. The wind was frigid! It felt like it was blowing right through my many layer of clothes sending me right to the store to buy some good winter boots. I loved every minute of it though, and wished I had more out there I could work on! This year, instead of leaving quite a bit of my clean up for spring, I cleaned out all that I could. While it doesn't make much difference to the plant's growth whether or not you cut them back in the late fall or early spring, it does lessen the likelyhood of insect pests harboring over until spring, and I really hope to get my aphid and mite population down (I had to spray and spray and spray this year!)

This fall, I decided to take the production part of my garden out. Yes... it doesn't seem quite right...working at a seed store and all...it didn't feel quite right either. My rationale: I have such a tiny yard and, late's face it, vegetable gardens, no matter how many pretty raised beds and bamboo teepees you have, still look untidy and wild. Because this part of my garden is emphasized by a boxwood hedge from the rest of my yard, it is the first thing you see when you go into the yard. My solution: everything out + a big fountain plopped right in the middle + formal French garden surrounding it = much needed structure and beauty! The rest of my beds are of a more wild nature, English cottage style, so my yard cried out for some definite structure and a focal point. I think this garden will do the trick! For now, until Aaron and I buy a bigger peice of land, I will be regularly visiting our local produce stand (and my parents garden!)

Now, for the important info I wanted to share tonight....

We only have one seminar left this season! This one falls this Saturday (November 27th and 10am). We are looking forward to teaching you how to make REAL garland and wreaths for your home! We have yummy snacks planned, and even decided to kick it up a notch and make you a latte or mocha to sip on while you work away! (There will be a small fee for those who want to make and take home their own wreaths and garlands, but feel free to attend to just watch the demonstration too for no fee!)

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!