Monday, January 13, 2014


We've got action!!! 
The cacti seeds have been in the soil for less than 6 full days, and we are seeing a little green! 
We have 4 of these little guys up!
Hopefully we will have more to report as the week progresses!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cacti from seed

Today I planted cacti...from seed! This is a brand new experiment to me. I am used to starting all the regular stuff from seed (herbs, veggies, flowers), but I have never tried cacti. The package says it should take 14-21 for them to germinate! A great practice for my patience. Here's what I did:

Gathered up all planting paraphernalia...
Mixed some sand into my potting mix (I used Vital Earth's Organic Manna Mix potting soil with regular sand)...
Then added some water to mix just until thoroughly moist (do not skip this step, it makes it SO much easier in the end)...
I filled up my containers, then planted the seeds! After they were all planted, I thoroughly sprayed them down with water and covered the whole tray with a clear grow dome.
They are now sitting on top of a heat mat under a grow light! 

I hope to report a success! We will know in 14-21 days! :)