Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daily Inspiration

Terrariums have always been interesting to me. I love that every single one of them is different--each one utilizing different and unique containers and materials. I have terrariums at home ranging from a large, free-standing iron and glass terrarium that has room for several plants and larger decorative items, to a small copper-bottomed terrarium that has room for only one, small plant. When my nieces visit, they always look very intently in them to see if some sort of living creature is hiding somewhere in it. Who knows, there might be!

For most terrarium projects, you can find almost all the supplies you need just by looking around your home with a creative eye. You need any size/shape of clear glass container, and a few other supplies to get going! I started with an old, copper, plant mister that I'm sure was longing to be useful again! The actual glass part stands only 4 in. high and wide, with the opening being only 1 inch. I also found a little sand, moss-covered sticks, polished stones, a butterfly that had been pinned to the wall for I don't know how many years, and some seed pods to use. With a little patience, I got them all stuffed in the mister and arranged so that the lid can easily screw on and off (I warned everyone else not to shake it...or else!). It's helpful to have a pair of long, slender tweezers (or a skewer) if the opening of your container is small. 

Butterfly on moss-covered sticks.

Seed pod and stone.

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