Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Inspiration

A teapot with purpose!
This silver teapot is the genuine article...but it has a broken handle. 
As long as it isn't good for serving up some hot beverage, why not use it for something else!? 
Possibly something a tad prettier or whimsical? 

In all the English garden and homes my family has toured, there was a common theme that we all noted- no matter how formal the garden, there was always something of a whimsical nature tucked in here or there. This is what gave even the stuffiest of gardens a 'real' quality and a charm that we all love to see in gardens! 

P.S. Here are the first signs of lavender! Woo hoo!
 (Seeds were started Dec. 1st.- with the help of the seedling heat mat and grow light, we beat the stated germination date by 8 days!)

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  1. I want to start lavender for a hedge in my new circular raised bed....should I start it now to be able to plant it out in the spring?