Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Inspiration

Here are two beauties to feast your eyes on (two because I just realized I forgot to blog yesterday! I didn't think I was THAT scatter-brained...apparently I was wrong!)

Mountain Ash
'Cardinal Royal'
Sorbus auc.
Can you imagine a 35' x 20' tree covered in these 5" clusters of beautiful red berries (which follow clusters of white blooms)!? This tough, zone 3 specimen does not dissapoint!

'White Sensation'
This pure white Salvia is underused in my opinion. We all get caught up in the dark purple varieties (which are beautiful too), but everyone needs a touch of white in their beds as well! It's hardy to -30 degrees and is a smaller version, at 12"x12". White Sensation is a great performer for a perennial bed!


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