Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Inspiration

(dang that big ol' light that I had to work around! Totally threw off my symmetry...)

Monica and I got our rogue on today and snatched some cattails from the side of the road (rogue: playfully mischievous or operating outside normal controls...)! We usually ask for permission if we want to traipse onto land that obviously belongs to someone, but we feel a little like rogues when we are gathering from the roadside! There are all kinds of things to gather when you are on the watch for it. We laugh at one another because usually one or more of us has gloves, twine, and a pair of felcos in our purse! You just never know when you will see something that you have the perfect place say, perhaps in a vase atop the piano, nested down in a terrarium, or made into a wreath or garland to go over your front door. 

Now, go get your rogue on! 

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