Monday, August 15, 2011

Daily Inspiration

This, my friends, is a Redhaven peach. Our peach trees in the nursery are LOADED with beautiful, wonderful smelling fruit! I watered them this morning, and I can't deny that the thought of running into the store after a bushel basket to load with peaches didn't cross my mind... :) I controlled myself. 
After our seminar on Victory Gardens this past Saturday, we have a huge desire to get crackin' and start cannin' the harvest! We all have lists of what we intend to 'put up' for the winter. Things like... dilly beans, beet relish, maple-walnut syrup, apricot-peach preserves, apple butter, pickles, corn, green beans, salsa...I could go on! 
We are inspired! We want to be able to open up our pantry doors to the sight of beautifully labelled, sparkling  canned goods!
Here is my custom jar label:
Join us in getting excited about this season and everything it has to offer!

P.S. Perhaps a little information on the wonderful peach pictured above: hardy to -20 degrees, 15' tall and 15' wide, full sun. It has golden yellow, excellent quality flesh that ripens early!

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