Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Inspiration

I was so inspired (and occupied) by our new houseplants (all 500 of them!!!) that I almost missed the blog today!
 After a conversation with a great customer about terrariums yesterday my mind has been working. I love to dream up different plant varieties to use, unusual combinations to create, even different containers to utilize. I am a HUGE fan of terrariums (I have 9...yes...I will admit it...9).
 SO... just having a conversation about them and then receiving a bunch of beautiful plants makes for some fun new creations!!!Here is one of the three simple terrariums I have on my dining room table...
I have an affinity for apothecary jars as well- so I used the bottom of one, lined it with moss, planted a birdsnest fern in it ,and then added a couple pretty polished (with olive oil) rocks! I have two others lined up with it. Smaller plants are often used so you can close the container, but it's also fun to try different ways! Look at your containers and dream up something beautiful to put on your dining room table! 

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