Saturday, December 12, 2009

Need an appetizer idea?

Sometimes, I find it hard to figure out what hors de ouvres to serve at dinner parties, and it's especially hard to come up with something wonderful to take to a friend's dinner party that doesn't need to be served hot right out of the oven. We have a yummy solution, and want to share it with you! (Best part...only three ingredients!!!)

Almond stuffed Dates wrapped with Prosciutto

-One pouch pitted dates
-One package prosciutto
-One bag of slivered almonds

Toast almonds, in oven set on broil, just until lightly browned. Keep a CLOSE watch, they burn easily. When cooled off enough to handle, put an almond inside each date. Wrap dates with thin strips of prosciutto. Put wrapped dates in a heated skillet. Cook until prosciutto shrinks slightly around dates. Remove and enjoy!!! (Equally as wonderful served hot or at room temperature!)

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