Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can't get enough herbs!!!

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I don't like paying $3 at the store every time I need 1 Tablespoon of a specific herb. I also don't care for the quality in which I get them half the time. I love to cook, and still want my cooking to be fresh and flavorful through the winter months so here's my plan...I am going to grow my own.

I usually start off with already established herb plants that I plant outside and therefore can't use in the winter, or I have them in pots and forget to bring them in before the frost finishes them off. This time, I am going to do it from seed (yes, I know it's December)! I am using things I already had laying around (for the most part); a pot, some good potting mix, and a spray bottle for watering (create your own spray bottle by puncturing a plastic water bottle about 10 times with a sewing needle in a small circular pattern near the neck of the bottle-the water squeezes out at the perfect rate. I came up with this when I figured out I had started using my only spray bottle for floor cleaner). The seed and a grow light (I chose a 150 watt incandescent Agrosun Dayspot Grow Bulb) were the only things I had to gather .

A few herbs that I wanted to make sure I have around are rosemary, basil, parsley, chives and cilantro (having oregano and thyme wouldn't hurt either!). I haven't started rosemary from seed before, but all the others are a cinch! Plant them in the pot as you would sow them in the ground, keep the grow bulb on during the day, keep them constantly damp until they germinate (*imporant! if they dry out they will not germinate! just remember to water before work and before you go to bed), then follow a regular watering schedule once they get a little growth on them. You will have fresh herbs in no time!

I can't wait until I am biting into a peice of bruschetta made with tomatoes (preserved from this summer's garden) and a mound of fresh basil straight from my own windowsill! YUM!


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  1. Thank you SO much for this article on growing own herbs at home. This year was the first I've ever gardened. Growing and eating herbs was my most favorite part and I've sorely missed not having them. I am excited about starting them now at home.

    Thanks Again,
    Lori, Health Adventure Coach