Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is Witch Hazel?

One of my favorite, under used, shrubs is, Hamamelis, Witch Hazel. It is considered a four season shrub. I have two varieties of witch hazels at home and they are both just about ready to bloom!! Yes, that's right, late January or early February is when they bloom. It is unlike anything you have ever seen.
The first variety that I planted was called 'Arnold's Promise'. It is a rare early color in the midst of winter making it a shrub in high demand. It has a spreading open form and unique starburst flowers.
The second witch hazel that I planted is called 'Diane'. She is the showiest of all witch hazels, this gorgeous shrub or small tree has ruby-red flowers preceding foliage in winter or early spring. Long ribbon-like petals are crinkled and exotic up close.
The reason that witch hazels are considered to be four season is because of their beautiful fall color. All of the varieties turn the brilliant colors of a sugar maple.
We have both varieties here at Andrews and would love for you to stop by to see them in bloom. I am always so excited for spring to get here but witch hazels always make me slow down and take time for each season. Blessings to you all, Susan

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  1. What is the full size of witch hazel? Are there any dwarf varieties? I am looking for something to plant against a white fence, and the red version would be particularly striking!