Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Interest

I was looking around in my yard yesterday taking note of areas that need just a little adjustment as well as areas that need some major improvements. It reminded me of a basic design principle that is easy to pinpoint this time of year: all-season interest. Now that the leaves have mostly fallen, we can see how our designs are doing when it comes to evergreens and beautifully colored bark. (HINT: Don't cut back your ornamental grasses until spring! They keep there shape and look beautiful with a dusting of snow! )

So take a good look in your garden...

What do you see???

What you see now, is what you will be looking at for the next few months. Are you happy with the winter interest in your garden? The winter garden can be equally as beautiful as all other seasons if planted just right! Personally, I am going to make a last-ditch effort to get a few more evergreens into my landscape (at least within eye-shot of my windows!). I want to be able to enjoy my garden all the way to the last drop- whether working in it or looking at it covered in snow from my windows!

Happy fall planting!

P.S. Time to have your sprinklers blown out if you haven't had it done yet! All hoses are coiled up and stored away for the winter as well! Bring on the snow!!!

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