Saturday, November 28, 2009

O Christmas Tree!!!

Yesterday was an exciting day down at the store... our Christmas trees came in! Childhood memories came rushing back as I stood before the selection- wondering which should be the tree to grace my living room. Although I usually settle on a noble fir, I like to look at all the other beautiful varieties. Noble, Grand, Douglas & Frasier Firs. Have any of you ever put up a frasier fir??? This is a new variety to us this year, and they are GORGEOUS. They have a silvery tinge to there graceful branches. (I just might have to put up two trees this year!)

Something useful: I usually end up cutting a few branches off the bottom of the tree to make plenty of room for presents- Use the extra greens for decorating tops of tables or shelves!

I still have a few things on my list to prepare for the holiday season... put up the tree (of course!), gather greens to make garland, bring home poinsettias, send out Christmas cards, buy ingredients for holiday treats, and I can't forget to mention the clove plugged oranges (lovely to set among garland, or even stacked in a pretty bowl on your counter). Did I mention shopping??? I cannot boast about being ahead in that respect...

I hope your are enjoying the season!

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