Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Holly and the Ivy

I love ivy. Easy to care for, versatile and beautiful...what more could you ask for? I always get newly inspired to use ivy in my decorating around this time of year because of it's dark green, shiny (thanks in part to my trusted can of leaf shine), evergreen leaves. I am so excited about some of the ways we are able to use it this year! Here are just a few examples...

Kissing Balls
Isn't that cute!? Used back in the Colonial days in America and was also a popular Christmas decoration during the Victorian era in England. It is the predecessor of the tradition of hanging mistletoe, and it symbolizes everlasting good luck. Young women who were caught under the decoration had to pay the price and give the gentleman who caught her there a kiss. Couples that kissed beneath the ball would stay together for the year and maybe even marry.


Wouldn't a wreath be pretty laid flat on a table with candles in the middle? Hanging inside or outside one of your doors would also bring a touch of festivity!

Ivy Birdcage

Who could resist the charm of this little ivy bird cage???
What a wonderful gift idea! Don't you think?

The tender ivy plant, bent, yet unbroken by the storms of life, not only upholds its own hopeful courage, but clings around the tempest-fallen oak, to speak hope to his faltering spirit, and shelter him from the returning blast of the storm." ~Ernestine Rose

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