Friday, October 9, 2009


We love to garden. In fact, we love it so much that we find ourselves occupied by it most of our days. We would like to take some time out (and join the ranks of the technologically savvy) to share with you, our friends and customers, what we are doing and what is inspiring us!

We always anticipate the fall season. The changing colors of the leaves, cooler temperatures, and cozy smells all signal us to slow down, step back, and enjoy what our garden has to offer. I find it easy to be inspired in the fall- all it takes is one step outside or one glance out of a window to get the creative juices flowing. Gathering the fall abundance to decorate the store and our homes is awaited with excitement every year. Wheat bundles, corn stalk bunches, walnut wreaths, and a multitude of gourds and pumpkins grace every empty space we have!

Before we can trench in for the winter, there are a few things we are doing to prepare the garden for the next season.

What we are doing in October:

-Changing over our summer pots to showcase beautiful mums, asters, kale and pansies (kale and pansies are pretty all the way through the cold months of winter by the way).

-Spring is already in our minds as we plant bulbs wherever we can find room.

-Amaryllis are being cut back and put in cold, dark storage for their dormant period (6-8 weeks), so we can have them blooming in time for Christmas.

-Winterizing our lawns

-Bringing in our tender potted plants. Repot with new soil if necessary, checking each one thouroghly to make sure no extra critters (nice way of saying insect pests) make their way in to our homes.

-Cleaning out the vegetable garden.

-We are planting garlic. Six different varieties this year! Elephant, Italian, Ajo Rojo, French Germidour, German Red, and Persian Star. (All available at the store, but you have to get in here early to be gauranteed some! Usually mid-August.)

-To start the spring out with a little less to do, we are starting to cut back perennials now.

Have to get back out in the nursery! More later!!!


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