Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gleaning from Nature

Nature offers us so many wonderful things to make our homes cozy and festive for fall. Sometimes you need to think outside the box when looking in your garden or taking a drive through the hills. It's amazing what you can glean from the side of the road! Wheat, corn, interesting seed heads, cattails, bark, pine cones, etc., etc.

Take walnuts for example. Gather a small bag full of walnuts and you have the main ingredient to make a festive walnut wreath (especially nice if you have or know someone with a walnut tree). The only thing you need to buy is a simple vine wreath, some hot glue sticks, and maybe a little ribbon and you are set! Any cone or nut can be substituted to give you just as beautiful a wreath. As the season progresses we spray ours with gold glitter spray or with a
metallic gold spray paint which give them
a festive Christmas look.

Cattails are pretty to look at and they dry wonderfully. Cut them with long stems and tie in bunches to set around your patio or by your front door; cut shorter bouquets to set on your table or anywhere else you have a flat surface (think about your bathrooms too! Make every room special for fall!) Take a drive in the country- there are cattails everywhere!

Wheat is great gathered into bunches and placed in a pretty container. It can also be made into wreaths. All you need is a wreath form and some wire (we carry what you need for this project!)

Gourds, Pumpkins, and really any kind of produce can be used for table centerpieces or can be set anywhere to give a little color and interest. Remember to think outside the box! You can paint, marble, stack, mix n' match, hang, etc. with these! Use whatever produce looks the prettiest at the farm stand! (Hint: A little olive oil shines up produce beautifully if you are wanting to display it!)

Houseplants are always my go-to decoration. They are there for you all year round, and there are some beautiful varieties available. Come see our sun room-it is always filled with good options for your home. We have plants that do well in low-light situations, plants that love a sunny window, and all those in between.

Don't forget about cornstalks! They are perfect to gather in bunches and place by your front doorstep. Cornstalks can usually be found at your local farm stand, or from a friendly farmer (Don't be afraid to ask!)

Indian corn contains all the colors of fall, and can be used wherever you like. Whether placed among gourds and pumpkins on your table or doorstep or gathered in a unique bouquet in the center of your table, it is sure to catch eyes!

Most of all, pick things that are pretty to YOU, there are no set ways to go about creating and decorating your home... and have fun!

~Laura & Susan

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