Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Cook and the Gardener

When things slow down in the garden we turn to a few other things that we love to do-reading and cooking. For all of those who like one or the other, you should join us in reading The Cook and The Gardener! We LOVE it! It is about a woman (Amanda Hesser) living in France who learns to cook by the seasons and by the garden. Amanda shows how she manages each month of the year cooking from fresh or preserved fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables. It inspires me in the winter months when we don't have quite as many fresh ingredients available. You also get to to know the old french gardener with his old methods and superstitions when it comes to growing the best produce (quite funny actually).
On the menu for tonight:
~English roast with a herb rub (have to go into the garden to see which herbs look the best) plus a few jalapenos thrown in for good measure
~Rosemary potatoes (I always throw a rosemary plant in one of my flower pots to be assured some fresh when I need it-about time to bring it in for the winter)
~Roasted butternut squash (from the garden! I only ended up with three this year! Note to self: need lots of slug bait this next growing season)
~Warm apple crisp
Very fall.
So, curl up and enjoy a good book!
~Laura and Susan

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