Friday, September 21, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Shamelessly Overlooked Bulbs.

When we think bulbs, we think tulips and daffodils. Some of us may go so far as to think of hyacinths and crocus, but can you say that you ever think, 'Oh my, I need to get some bulbs in the ground! I need to go pick up some Chionodoxa and Puschkinia bulbs!'? Probably not. It is sad how much we emphasize all the ordinary bulbs, yet forget the miraculous beauty of some of the lesser known. How could your breath not be taken away when you see bulbs standing strongly and blooming fiercely in the midst of the snow and winds of late winter? When I begin to lose my energy and strength toward the end of winter, longing for sun and warmth, these bulbs come into their own, bringing light to the late winter gloom. I wonder at them.  All of the following lesser known (save the Fritillaria) start as bulbs only measuring upwards of 1/2 to 1 inch, making them easier to plant then the common tulip and daffodil! We also love it when we come across bulbs that will tolerate part to full shade-most of these do just that!

This year, let's not overlook the overlooked! 
In order to enjoy these wonders next spring, we must plant now!


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