Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Inspiration: A Winning Combo!

Sometimes, plants just work together...sometimes, they don't. 
This is a time when color and texture work beautifully:
The tight form and the glowing color of the Variegated Boxwood is at its best when it is backed by the loose and dark foliage of the Eupatorium 'Chocolate'.

It can take awhile and a few trials (and errors) to find the right plant combinations. Don't get discouraged if things in your yard aren't working quite yet...they will! Don't be afraid to dig plants up and move them around a bit, or give them to a friend. It's worth a little extra work to get a combination that is pleasing to look at! (I have a Pyramidal Blue Cypress and a 'Scarlet Curls Willow' that are both in their 3rd locations. I love how they look now, and am so glad I moved them!)

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