Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Nursery Tour!

It's good to be back! Mom, Monica, and I were gone for the last week on a garden tour! We toured several nurseries and wholesale grow operations in the Portland/Salem/Corvallis area. It's always such a great time of inspiration and learning. We stayed at the Oregon Garden Resort. It was gorgeous. I would go back in a second! They have gardens like this...
and my most favorite...the hobbit hole!

We toured Bauman Farms, Al's Garden Center, Bountifal Farms, Sun Gro, Ferguson's Fragrant Nursery, French Prairie Gardens, Munn's Nursery, Terra Garden's Nursery, Shonnard's Nursery, and Garland Nursery! Phew! 

While all of the above brought inspiration, our favorites were Bauman Farms with its fun and family feel (their goats, sheep, chickens, bunnies, and BAKERY made it easy to fall in love!), and Garland Nursery whose beautiful setting and products made us all never ready to leave! My personal favorite was Bountiful Farms-a wholesale grower specializing in topiary and espaliers! I now have two apple trees tagged out in the nursery, ready to go home and be trained into espalier submission! 

We weren't ready to leave the 70 degree weather, but we were ready to be home with our families and with our own gardens! Now we can go let some creative energy out! 

I will leave you with a little more inspiration...

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  1. A hobbit hole!!! Yes!!! We want one of those!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!