Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Rare Find

The illusive Seagull Lily...
They only grow in our area, and they only bloom for a short time. 
We recently went on a day excursion to the hills and were lucky enough to stumble on a few!


  1. Thank you for your tutorial on planting trees! I'm working here in Livonia, Michigan to get the City to plant trees correctly. I'm an avid walker, biker and drive a bus in the Detroit area. Nearly all the trees I see are either dead or in very poor condition with limited life spans. I feel that when a seed starts to grow (while laying on the ground) this determines where the Bottom of the bell or flare is. The roots the grow into the soil are unique as are the woody limbs, branches and leaves above the ground. This is the CRITICAL factor in tree survival. I see most trees planted way to high now and many that are planted to low. Thanks again for clear instructions on tree planting!

  2. That is one beautiful lily!