Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Re-purposed Planter Update

We put together some re-purposed planters for our Container Design Seminar in April. I wanted to show you a couple pictures of how they are doing!

Here is mom's wicker dresser! We have been harvesting strawberries, chives, lettuce, and herbs from this! It's really doing great!

Here are my pallet planters! I am thrilled that they have done so well. I think they key was keeping the pallet flat for a couple weeks before setting it upright. It's important to let your plants root in a bit, otherwise you would be dealing with soil and plants falling out!

We hope that the Container Design seminar inspired you to try a few out-of-the-norm planter ideas!
I was inspired to experiment with different pot combinations at my own house this year. Although the fountain grass, spikes, etc., are gorgeous in pots, I weary of doing the same things! We'll see how they do!

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!


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