Monday, September 5, 2011

Daily Inspiration

Yesterday was spent deep in the beauty of the Eagle Cap mountains. Saying that it was beautiful is a grotesque understatement. The beauty of this place rivals that of any 'civilized' campground (i.e. campground where your spot butts right up to someone elses'). What you find when you are willing to go far enough, is untouched beauty. It is how the wilderness should look and how it has always looked...from the beginning. We had perfect weather- sunny and warm with a crisp edge to it. Typical of fall in the mountains. I just wish I had brought a better camera! As it were, I had to settle for my phone-issued model (though I don't claim to be any sort of photographer...I just snap pictures and what I get is what I get! oh well)!
The asters and indian paintbrush were in wild bloom!

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