Friday, December 17, 2010

Spinning away winter

What are you doing keeping yourself busy with this winter? I hope to have more time to spin during these cold months. About twelve years ago I learned to spin fiber and have been hooked ever since. Gandhi said that if people would spend one hour a day spinning there would be world peace and I am sure that he was right. It is the most relaxing, meditative thing to do. Even non-spinners sit staring at the wheel of the spinning wheel as it goes around and around, almost putting them into a trance-like state. I enjoy knitting with my handspun but most of the time the skein of yarn is my finished product. If I knit something with it that is just an extra finished product. It is always amusing to me when many of my spinning friends have a plan for their fiber, from start to finish. How am I to know if a fiber feels like a scarf or a sweater or a pair of socks until I am finished spinning it?

As far as knitting goes...I enjoy small projects. By the time I am done with one sock I am ready to move on to another project, not finish the second sock. Surely there has to be other knitters with the same attitude? Children's clothes are for me. They are small, almost always soft, and cute. What isn't cute in miniature? My children, two of them married and one in college still, often ask me who I am knitting the baby clothes for, like I am trying to hint at having grandchildren. But I just smile and say that they are for baby shower presents or just the right baby that happens to enter my life. They don't buy it!

That is just one of the many things that I hope to do this winter. I hope that you have projects that you are looking forward to doing on cold, winter days and evenings. Life is too short not to have joy and peace added to the daily grind.

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