Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I recently volunteered myself to design a new website for Andrews (a momentary lapse of sanity I think!) January tends to be a bit slower for us, so I thought I would use the time to tackle the project. After getting through the first moments of terror (yes..terror. Computers and I aren't always on the best of terms), when I thought I was going to have to resign myself from the task, I hit a stride and got it done! I had never done anything like it, but I like to learn new things. My skills went about as far as Microsoft Publisher and blogging, but building a website from nothing??? Scary. Well, I finally feel I have graduated-though I still have a TON to learn, and also have things I would still like to change with the site, there is now something to show for it is! Check it out!

We wanted to make available to you our list of bulk seed and seed potato list as well as descriptions of all grass and pasture seeds. We have also heard quite a number of our customers express a desire to look through our Nursery supplier catalogs to see all the plants available for us to order. I have linked all these companies to the corresponding nursery page on the website. There is also a 'Calendar of Events' that contains all of this years seminars with a brief description of each class, as well as a Monthly Gardening To-Do List. I hope to soon add a forum where we can all discuss gardening issues and share tips! We all have things to share, and we all have things to learn!

Let me know what you think! I happily welcome any comments or suggestions you may have!

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