Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bees, Bees, Bees!

Bees are vital to the success of our gardens. They are what pollinate our plants and make them grow and produce! Have you ever thought about helping your garden out by bringing in more beneficial bees? A way to do it is to put out bee boards, which are used to attract and house leafcutter bees. All of us should encourage beneficial bees to make their home in our gardens. Leafcutter bees are native, essential pollinators of wild plants and home gardens. The bees are always used to pollinate alfalfa seed fields as well. They are not aggressive unless they feel threatened, and if you do get stung it is very mild, much less painful than that of honeybees or yellowjacket wasps.

I have been very interested to learn more about bees, but thought that it might be a subject that a person wouldn't  know where to look to get started. Well, look no further! Come down to the store and talk with us about bees!  (We do have very good quality, redrilled bee boards (they have been used before and have been redrilled). They are the perfect board to attract leafcutter bees. They are easy to mount on a building or you can simply lean them up against a fence or wall and watch them fill up with leafcutter larvae. We do not buy these boards back but we do have information on who does. $5 per board- a great price if you have recently price checked for like item.)

The more I research bees, the more I learn about how many people (even people living in town) are doing what they can to attract bees to their garden! We all want amazingly productive gardens, and this is an easy way to do it!

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