Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Showers

This morning feels a little like spring might be here...hopefully. Winter seemed SO long, and the rain is interminable, all of which makes me even more excited when I see semi-trucks backing down our alley full of garden goodies. The nursery feels alive. Fountains are running, plants are blooming, and the world is set to right again. :)

Check out our April newsletter HERE!

At home, I have peas, lettuce, and spinach in pots who have decided to show their face and brave the weather. My husband, Aaron, helped me build a custom two-tier raised bed that snugs right in to our patio. In this one planter went: red mustard, raddichio, more peas, more carrots, purple sage, parsley, thyme, cilantro, red romaine, white bunching onions, shallots, and a couple more spring crops that are evading my memory at the moment. Pretty good for a 5' long, 2' deep bed! I also have to have at least one spearmint plant (in a pot... never in the ground) and an oregano plant.

I have also started an early attack on the dandelion presence in my grass and the gophers who insist on eating the roots off of my roses (ggrrrrr...), and I have begun to apply a mix of 16-16-16 and gypsum at the base of all my plants! This evening I plan to spread soil activator and mulch on my beds (what a nice lift a new layer of mulch gives!) I have a few plants to get in the ground, and one more fountain to get up and running and then...I will probably notice something else that needs to be done!

I hope everyone is having a nice spring so far!

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