Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garden planning

Even though it's so darn hot outside, we still have lots going on! We have been working to bring in wonderful new things, which is giving me a much needed energy boost and inspiration which is harder to find in the dog days of summer.

I find this a great time of year to begin thinking and planning for those areas of my yard that I haven't started yet or need to improve on (we all have them!). As the cool months approach I want to have projects ready to go! My next project is to start in on my front yard which hasn't been touched, save one maple tree, since we moved in last May. Our back and side yards have seen a lot of attention, but the front yard needs some major help!

The plan is to pull up all the flowerbed edging and rock mulch, lift more than half of the sod out, and plant it up! This spot gets the intense afternoon and evening sun, so I will be sticking with sun lovers like lavender, evergreens, grasses, boxwoods, and the like. This area will be a lot less maintenance then the back and side yards for two reasons... #1. I won't have to work out there a lot when the sun is raging down  and #2. I prefer to work in the privacy of my back yard!

We get asked a lot whether or not you can plant during these hot summer and autumn months. I believe it is a common misconception that you can't. It really is a great time to plant- you just have to make sure to keep it moist! Just think that those plants are better off in the ground, rather than in thin black plastic pots!

I just wanted to let you in on our next sale...since you, too, might be planning for your own projects...

Let's all think 'autumn' together... maybe that will bring some cooler temps! :)

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