Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garden Musings From My Chair

      When planning new areas in our landscape, I have learned to take a back seat. This is as it should be when working with Susan (my lovely wife). I do, however, slip in (or sneak) a favorite perennial or shrub of my own. Ususally, it simply just does not work out. She tells me so up front, but always puts up with my follies, for this I appreciate her patience.
      Now back to our project at hand. With my trusty digging shovel in tow, we began. Susan's new rose garden design called for 24 holes to be dug. The plants are in 5 gallon containers, so holes to be dug are not huge, but moderate in size. First hole...first stroke with my shovel...and THUNK! It felt like I hit a piece of concrete! This will be a long afternoon... What I actually hit was a very large (about 12 in. diameter) root from a huge poplar tree close by. Time to re-tool. I now reapproach the hole to be dug with my chainsaw in hand. After ruining 2 chains, I finally achieved success and removed the huge chunk of root.
      It's time to start digging again, but alas, beneath this root was a mess of criss-crossing smaller roots. These were removed with my grubbing hoe and axe. Hole #1, finally being dug, it's time to move on. The next 23 holes were mush easier with a few remaining root-clogged exceptions. Susan worked right alongside me and planted all of her new beauties. Job finished!
     When strolling through the yard each evening, I now look at this newly created area and think to myself...'Susan, you've done it again. Great job. Another beautiful garden for us all to enjoy. Thank you!'


Next time: Water drippers and naughty cows!

These were roses used in the creation of the new rose garden...

Crown Princess Margarita
Jude the Obscure
Ambridge Rose

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