Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicken Adventures

Well, we did it. We are official chicken farmers! Our goal for 2010 was to put together some kind of chicken coop at each of our homes (mom converted her current barn to house her chickens and I built a small coop for my house in town). 

Tuesday was the day. We had everything checked off our lists: straw, nesting boxes, roosts, heat lamps, the right food, etc. We were ready. Early in the morning mom went and picked up her hens (6 were given to her from family friends who have had great success chicken farming) and a rooster was given to her from a good customer at the store (the most beautiful rooster you ever will see I might add).  I went and picked up two silkies and a cochin bantam (the cochin ended up going straight back- which is another story in and of itself). 

We have had such fun just sitting and watching our chickens! Mom's hens lay several eggs a day (mine haven't laid a single one yet...)

A couple added bonuses: When I clean the droppings out of the coop everyday, I scatter them around the garden. Perfect amendment! They also clean up leftovers from dinner or veggies that have passed their peak, thus eliminating our food waste. 

I am sure there will be more chicken updates to come!

My coop:                   

and Mom's coop (the outdoor part):

Mom's chickens:

And mine (try to hold back the laughter...everyone laughs when I show them my chickens!):

Patty & Darla :)

(they were very uncooperative when I tried to get a good picture! Maybe next time!)

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  1. I love it!! Laura I couldn't resist chuckling when I saw your chickens-quite the do's!! That looks like great fun! Hope to see you guys soon, and enjoy the beautiful weather!